Aleks Byrd Designs


Inspiration Decorating

One thing about having a studio space is being able to decorate it. I love having a giant board to constantly add and change things that I pin up such as inspiration photos, color ideas/ shade cards, sketches and collages.  I thought it would be fun to share some photos of my board as the collection I'm developing progresses.

These photos of the board are from last week. I'm working on two projects/ themes as the moment which I have decided to separate among two different board spaces. The first photo  has the two themes/ projects on the same board. The left side has the "modern nordic" collection inspired by modernizing nordic motifs with inspiration from my trip to Oslo and traditional folk motifs. The right side is a fingerless mittens design for a local boutique featuring a gradient chevron pattern inspired by the tiled roofs in Vienna and Budapest. Sometimes having two different projects on the board together makes it confusing. For me having them together caused some elements such as color and motifs to be repeated. It's nice to have a little space, literally having more space to spread out and physically separating them. It's a nice way to trick yourself to mentally separate projects.