Aleks Byrd Designs


Collaging Stars

I was inspired by looking at the various styles and sizes of eight point stars in Nordic knitting (particularly looking through the Selbuvotter book by Anne Bårdsgård). Each has a slight modification or flare that makes it unique and a unique identifier to the place it was created.

A glimpse at various pages from my sketchbook, a paper collage and a digitally made knitting chart

I thought it would be interesting to create my own version filling the interior of the star motif with a collage of different patterns & motifs common in the region. I created a diagonal entrelac design of repeating pattern bands feature different design elements like the Shetland OXO motif, chevrons and crosses. I used that design sketch as well as sketched charts to cut the "petals" or chevron shapes and collage into my star motif as well as tracing outlines of a potential star. From this I created a large and small scale collage star knitting charts  to knit some samples.


I quite like the result. It reflects the similarities and history I've explored and sourced as inspiration as well as creating a visually interesting motif for pattern repeats of a new design.

Bårdsgård, A. (2016) Selbuvotter. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget.