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Inspiration: Selbuvotter

When you find a great book its hard not to become obsessed with it!


That is exactly how I feel about this book Selbuvotter by Anne Bårdsgård. It is an amazing book filled with page after page of beautiful traditional Norwegian knitting chart pattens. I didn't have a concept of how many variations and styles of eight point stars in Norway! It is written in Norwegian ( I hope to find someone to help translate sections which cover history, tradition and inspiration) but charts are a universal language! I've gotten so much inspiration from this book for my own designs as well as my research tracing the history and motifs styles! 

Here is a taste of what is inside the Selbuvotter book (Bårdsgård 2016)


Bårdsgård, A. (2016) Selbuvotter. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget.