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Motif Mapping

I'm in the process of mapping some motifs that I can visually trace ( as well as those that are mentioned in texts I've read). I'm starting with the most recognizable and one that I have been constantly seeing- the eight point star. These visual are a work in progress as I await for more books to source for locations still blank. I currently have a fair amount of data for Shetland, Norway and Estonia. It is nice to see the map of the region to slowly begin to see the visual path of this particular motif. 

nordic pattern map.jpg

I made a more detailed map of Estonia with all the various star motifs used in a previous post, As this map shows a the whole region- the size of Estonia in relation is too small to legibly show all those motifs again. 

historical motif comparisions.jpg

The motifs shown above show the eight point stars from Estonia, Norway (Selbu) and Shetland that are the most similar. There are many other star motifs that are more modified from this style that I many show in this style of presentation in another post. It is interesting to see amongst this grouping the slight variation in the choice of smaller motifs situated around the eight point stars. It is mostly a cross motif or in some cases a checker board diamond. 


Estonian motifs:

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Selbu Norway motifs:

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Shetland motifs:

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