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Where to begin sketching...

Limited edition print 'Gansey' by  Natty Maid

Limited edition print 'Gansey' by Natty Maid

Sometimes with a wealth of research knowledge and also still mysteries to explore, it seems hard to know where to begin sketching all the ideas floating in my head. I find that in my sketches I drift toward creating illustrations about the new things I've learned and gleaned rather than drifting toward creating more abstracted patterns for textiles. It's a starting point! I gravitate toward illustrations full of patterning detail. Every shape is an opportunity to fill with a pattern.

I love Natty Maid's combination of knitting and sense of place in her layered pattern illustrations. In the 'Gansey' print, the Fair Isle patterning on the jumper blends and works harmoniously with the patterning of the sea waves. It as though you can see how the sea was translated into a jumper pattern. 

I think looking at the layering of patterns in these shapes could be interesting to take from a paper sketch to translation into knit and embroidery.